Workcamp brings together people who are interested in alternative ways of working and organizing business. We will be continuing our discussion from the last workcamp. If you have read and liked books such asMaverick, ReWork, The Future of Work, Open-Book management, you will enjoy the discussions at workcamp. The next edition will be sometimes later this year. Twitter hashtag is #workcampsg.

Topics that we discussed

“Bureaucracy costs” of hierarchical and matrix organizations. Flat organizations
Economic and social outcomes in short-and long-term perspectives
Radical democracy and transparency in organisations (open book management)
Rethinking meetings and corporate events
Trust in employees, motivation, decision making and responsibility
Work environment, productivity.

Notes from Workcamp 2 

Workcamp 2 was held on Tuesday, 5 June 2012 at at National Youth Council, 113 Somerset Road, Singapore 238165.

1. Stanly Lau on an organisation without a boss, no annual reviews and name your own salary
Scientific management started as a way to work. How did it become a way of life?
W.L. Gore: Lessons from a Management Revolutionary
It’s Time for the Annual Performance Review
Performance without Appraisal: Addressing the most common concerns
First, Let's Fire All the Managers - Morning Star
New Ways of Setting Rewards: The Beyond Budgeting Model
Drive: The surprising truth about what motivates us 
Tour of Semco  Youtube link

4. Usman Sheikh on internships
Workcamp 1 was held in March 2011 at the Scape, Somerset Road, Singapore.