EducampSG7 on Friday April 29, 2016 1PM to 4PM at Ngee Ann Polytechnic (tentative date)

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Educamps are informal meetups where educators share their ideas, projects, events and findings.

We have had students, teachers and ed-tech professionals join us for the past events, and discuss topics such as peer learning, educational technology, student motivation, teaching of mathematics, search techniques, MOOCs, travel as learning experience, and open education resources etc.

Check out the “Attending and Presenting” page to see how we run this participatory event. Educamp is put up by local educators. There is no fee for the event and we thank NP, ITE, NIE, SP and SST for letting us use their classrooms for past meetups.

The events are free and we do not have any commercial sponsors or affiliations. 

Contact and information

Check Twitter for #educampsg hashtag for the latest. Email Rai at if you want to be added to the invite for the next event. 

History and Past events

Educamps are meets for professionals involved in education – teachers, students, content makers, learning app makers, edutech folks, library professionals etc.

Back in 2010, some of us interested in education met and talked about a barcamp styled event for education.

EducampSG1 was hosted by Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Teaching and Learning Centre in December 2010. 80 educators, students, researchers and people interested in learning technologies attended the event.
And below are some of the topics that were covered in the first educamp in Singapore

  • Mobile learning/collaboration
  • Open Discussion on the role of mentoring in education. Non traditional forms of mentoring (think outside your social circle), and using technology
  • Interactive hardware: Learn, Build, Change the World
  • JFDI Gaming can make a better world
  • Traditional vs Modern Education: A fun look at how a traditional (martial art) school stacks up against a modern for-profit education institution.
  • Social Networking in Education – experiences, uses, pros & cons
  • Storytelling Toolkit
  • Design your ideal university plus an university for modern Di Vinci
  • Life changing experiences
  • Using Google Maps and GDocs in the university classroom: GMaps, GDocs
  • I’ve never let my schoolin’ interfere with my education; travel as alternative education
  • Better Google Search & Beyond: tips for K-12 students doing research
  • Alternatives to Mathematica, Matlab et al
  • Rolling out LEGO Mindstorms & WeDo program for students on a tight budget

EducampSG2 was hosted by the School of Science and Technology in April 2011. We had about 70 educators, researchers, training professionals joining us. Some students from our host school (SST) also joined us and gave us a demo of the educational apps that they had developed

The discussion topics at EduCampSG2 were
  • iPad and MacOS in education
  • History teaching in 21st century
  • Envisage poverty simulation
  • Blogs + google apps for edu
  • Motivation in teaching
  • Instilling belief setting positive narratives
  • Educational apps development by students
  • Encouraging projects – alternatives to lectures and homework
  • Enhancing student communication – blogs walk and talk
  • Introducing Lego Mindstorms in international/local schools
  • Motivation in learning
  • Practical applications – translating theory into practice
  • Introducing tech without stressing teachers

EducampSG3 was hosted by the National Institute for Education (NIE) on December 02, 2011. We had about 70 participants. We discussed following topics

  • Robotics Education 2.0
  • Drawing the line: We need to change the math we teach by Murray Bourne
  • Seti@50 Search for ET
  • Twitter in education and SG edu community on Twitter
  • Rating and feedback on language schools
  • Vocabulary building – the future of Language Learning
  • What I want to see in A level Biology & Biophilia
  • Why I abandoned the syllabus and went for a walk
  • Applying the liberal arts in tech edu
  • QR codes for scavenger hunts and situation-based learning

EducampSG4 was held at  ITE College East on June 15, 2012
Sessions and links
  • Will video lectures be the future of learning by @elfgoh
  • Flipped Classroom by @ashley
  • Why should you come to Makerfaire Singapore?
  • Social media in class, a student’s perspective by @TheJeremyGoh
  • Math notation sux by @intmath
  • Class lists on iPhone app
  • Career guidance for students
  • Creating the next Indiana Jones from NUS by @sivasothi
  • #edsg, twitter chat for Singapore educators and 6 months on by @shamsensei
  • Startup Weekend Edu
  • Singapre Edmodo Group request to join at
  • SMSRS, A SMS bases audience response system.

Links to Photos
On Facebook (thanks to @timothyong)
On Flickr

EducampSG5 at Singapore Polytechnic on December 14, 2012. We discussed open technologies in education. We tried out Chromebooks, Surface and One Laptop Per Child PC.

Open Science Barcamp
An OpenScience Barcamp was held on Friday, 08/Mar/2013 at Tembusu College
The goal of OpenScience barcamp was to discuss issues at the intersection of science, academic research and internet. Topics discussed were
  • Open Access
  • Science Commons
  • Beyond publications (issues with peer-review and high impact journals)
  • Academic IP ownership
  • Citizen Science

EducampSG6 at Ngee Ann Polytechnic on April 02, 2015

Presentations and links
  • Red shared NTU’s experience with Team Based Learning. If you keen on joining future workshops, Email Red at mendozaredante at
  • Sivasothi spoke on positive initiatives in NUS: writing modules, residential learning and revamped GenEd. Siva is at @sivasothi on twitter.
  • Ashley – Righting the wrongs of Flipping  – . Ashley is also seeking TEDx SG speakers. You can message him on twitter at @ashley or contact him at 
  • JianLiang – Youth Entrepreneurship Blended Learning. Contact him at
  • Rohan – College application platforms, test prep learning tools – Rohan is @rohanpasari on twitter.
  • Ivan – Software Carpentry Training Model. Ivan is @vanzaj on twitter.
  • Murray – Will Singapore be the next Computer Based Mathematics Country? Murray is @intmath on twitter.
  • Ravi – Design Thinking as Building Block for Life, Podcasting as a medium of learning. Ravi’s podcast is at
  • Hsiao Yun – #edsg – Online Community of Singapore Educators. #edsg on twitter. Hsiao Yun is on twitter at @hsiao_yun
  • Grace – The Change School – Redefining Education – A positivity institute for lifelong learning. Helping people align values and life choices. Contact Grace on twitter at  @agent_grace
  • Joelle – Making it Stick
  • Lawrence – Why Open Education Resource? Lawrence is at and @lookang on twitter.
  • Raymond – Singapore Education Community Meetup Group
  • Ivan Chew – Creative Commons Singapore
  • Yi Xin – is happy to provide youths’ perspective on your projects. She would also love to be someone, people can count on to give honest feedback on their initiatives. Her email is hengyixin2015 at
  • Rajesh discussed parents-teacher communication. Email Rajesh at raboraj at if you want to discuss this with him.
  • Arjun Singh – Authenticon Asia 2015 – This is a closed group where classroom educators and educators of the private educational sector come together.