BarcampSG11, mid 2016

Venue and time

BarcampSG10 was held on Saturday, October 17 (10 AM to 5 PM), 2015 at Plug-in@Blk71.  Some photos here

The next barcamp will be around mid 2016.  

Join our Facebook group for updates -  or email us at to be included in the invite for the next barcamp. 

What is a barcamp and who are the attendees?

Barcamps are peer learning meetups featuring discussions on a range of topics – from technology to travel, from science to popular culture. There are no invited speakers and no pre-scheduled topics. 

Attendees are usually technologists, media professionals, entrepreneurs, designers, artists, educators and students. We have had discussion on topics from fields as diverse as history, astronomy, bio-hacking, food, travel, relationships, design, coffee etc.

How does one vote for a topic or put up a discussion topic?

As you enter the venue, you will see the topic wall. The participants who are keen on presenting or leading a discussion would have posted their topics on the wall. Take the marker pen and vote for the topics that you like.

If you want to lead a discussion or make a presentation, take the topic sheet from the nearby desk, fill in the details and post it on the topic wall. The attendees will walk around checking out the topics. If they like your topic, they will vote for it. Once you have 20 to 30 votes, we will assign a room and a time slot to you. 

Want to come prepared?, you can download the topic sheet template. Print this template on an A4 sheet, fill in your topic, and bring it to the venue. Download Barcamp Topic Template (pdf)

What is the format of presentation? How long is each presentation slot?

Each of these presentation slots are 25 minutes long. There is a gap of 5 minutes to help the next presenter settle in. We prefer that you don't make slides - the idea is to have free from discussions. Thought there are projectors in the room if you really want to show your slides. Come 5 minutes early to set-up your computer etc. 
We will post the time-slots and room details once we finalise the topics. Lightning talks are held at the end of the day and each presenter gets 5 minutes to present his or her idea.

Previous barcamps in Singapore

NUS UTown hosted us in 2012, MDA, NUS and Singtel hosted us at their Blk71 incubation centre in 2011. The Singapore City Hall building was the venue (via the the upcoming National Arts Gallery) for the barcamp in October 2010. Singapore Polytechnic was our host in March 2010. Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) hosted the barcamp twice, in November 2009 and in September 2014, Ngee Ann Polytechnic was our host in March 2009.
Singapore barcamps have no sponsors. We run the event at zero budget. We crowdsource stationary, electrical supplies and wireless equipment. We urge participants to bring their own tumblers for water. There is no registration desk, no lanyards. There are no organisers too (if you make the mistake of showing up too early for the event, you will become organiser).

Barcamps in South East Asia

Hong Kong, Bangkok (late night excursions into secret alleys), Yangon (biggest un-conference in the world), Penang, Johor, Phnom Penh (best afterparty) and Saigon host Barcamps once every year. Just Google for the word Barcamp followed by the name of the city. 

(Media credits - Photos and videos from BarcampSG9 September 2014 held at IDA Singapore. Photos by Valentine Chua. Video by Stephen February)