Attending and presenting

Keen on speaking at an unconference?  Here is how you post your topic and vote for other topics.

If you want to present or run a discussion, take a topic sheet, write your topic on it and post it on the wall.

Participants will be walking around, browsing the topics. If a topic interests them, they will vote for it.

Once a topic gets enough votes, we will allocate a time slot and a room. The schedule will be posted near the topic wall. We usually have 2 or 3 sessions running concurrently in adjacent rooms.  The current and the upcoming session title will be posted on each door.

The sessions could be in the form of a presentation, discussion or a demo.

If the topic in your room does not interest you, walk over the next one. Each session runs for 25 minutes. The 5 minutes gap at the end of each session is to help the next facilitator set-up.